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"Deliver Quality Products in Volume and on Time.”

Over years of experience, we have built our reputation with a huge customer base worldwide.

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We work around the clock to meet the ambitious goal and provide timely delivery to our global clients.


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Deliver Quality Products in Volume and on Time

We endeavor for utmost customer satisfaction through our administration furthermore arrangements. We do ensure that our customers experience the best level of service and we always encourage our team to come up with new ideas and innovations.

Our greatest strength is our vast network of farmers across India and our association with them at the very Grass Root Level. The strength lies in producing quality products in volumes and on time. We provide these farmers with the latest scientific packages and inputs that enable them to produce more.


Quality is top most priority.


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We, at BSR Overseas, have been taking extra caution and ensuring the adherence of our policies. In other words, client satisfaction is our business goal.

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    We maintains a 24 hour emergency response system, We have handled your situation quickly.

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    Leading processor, exporter and trader in the global market with experience and exporsure.

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    Committed to supply quality product and enhance customer satisfaction levels by continual improvement.


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    Our team is dedicated to creating beautiful landscapes & meticulously caring for them with unmatched services.

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