An Indian-American chef, Maneet Chauhan once said, “Indian spices can find a place in any cuisine. It’s just a matter of opening your mind and palate to new flavours”. This quote speaks volumes about the great influence of the Indian spices all around the world. Spices are the core of the Indian culinary sector and exporters in India have reaped a lot of profits supplying Indian spices.  

Considering that Indian spices are supplied by many traders in India, it is difficult to choose a company that supplies genuine high-quality spices. That is why, we at BSR Overseas, endeavour to make this decision making easier for our customers. We are a trading company that manufacture and process Indian spices. We even export spices of various kinds to different regions globally.  

As experienced suppliers of spice goods, we understand the nitty-gritties that need to be investigated during the production and export process. So, here are the main reasons why we call ourselves as top Indian spices suppliers: 

  1. Supreme Supervision 

BSR Overseas employs trained experts to monitor each level of spice processing. As premium spice exporters in India, we make sure that each of our department and crew’s working is overseen by a manager, and they work in cognisance to make sure that each of our Indian spice variety is manufactured with careful consideration.  

  1. Dedicated Deliveries 

A company that exports Indian spices, needs to know the seriousness of the business. At BSR Overseas, we are proud to be known as punctual spices suppliers by our customers. We export spices to different continents and therefore, we work day-in and day-out to send out our export orders as per the finalised delivery date.  

  1. Assured Assistance 

There are several moments in a spice trading company when customers and clients require assistance in order to better understand the production process or the ordering process. There can be several reasons why a customer might want to reach out to us and that is why at BSR Overseas, we ensure that we have a dedicated professional employed for the purpose of resolving any customer queries. Whether you want to know about our spice manufacturing process, our spice processing operations or our spice supplying methods- we are just a phone or email away.  

  1. Perfect Products 

Our promise is that our spices are amongst the top category of Indian spices exported all over the globe. We have employed over 50 years of expertise in sourcing all our spices and we can confidently guarantee that our customers have only appreciated our supplies so far. BSR Overseas is a company that believes in providing high-quality products and our Indian spices export demand are a testimony to this.  

Get in touch with us to order premium quality Indian spices and we will make arrangements to export the best spice supply to you. Contact us at +91 95714 25303 or [email protected] today! 

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