You must have heard the term ‘nuts and seeds’  being commonly used in the agriculture food producing sector. This is because one of the most common food goods harvested, manufactured and traded in India are nuts and seeds. While used as a common reference for a classification of food, nuts and seeds differ from each other. Nuts refer to the plant produce that are hard and come with a surface covering like an outer shell. Whereas seeds are the parts within the fruit of the plant that are removed for consumption.  Some examples of these edible items are groundnuts, peanuts, sesame seeds and mustard seeds.  

Both nuts and seeds are highly recommended by nutritionists around the world as these are filled with energy, proteins, magnesium, vitamins and minerals. Also, they are considered as great healing agents. Most nuts are easier to carry and can be snacked raw. They are commonly used in goods like energy or protein bars, trail mixes, jams, spreads, dips and dairy-free beverages. When it comes to seeds, these are better consumed as ingredients of food preparations like sauces, curries, salads, condiments, biscuits and dry snacks. However different might be their utility style, together nuts and seeds have mutual contributions in the area of health. Some of the ways in which these help us in being healthy are: 

  • Improves cholesterol levels 
  • Maintains good fats  
  • Supports digestion 
  • Reduces risk of heart-related diseases 
  • Keeps blood sugar levels in control 
  • Promotes memory retention 
  • Helps build immunity 

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