Processing is a common term used in the food producing sector and often times, it refers to different methods. But the generic idea behind processing is that it refers to the post-harvest treatment or preparation of a food product. So, for example, coriander leaves are procured from farms, dried and beaten and finally broken under a machine to produce coriander powder. This whole process that took place after the coriander was extracted from the farms, is called processing. The steps and methods involved in any food items processing can differ and need not be alike.  

Now, let’s talk about whether why do we need to process food goods. There are many reasons why a food product might need to be processed. First of all, it is important that the food processing company has an end goal in mind. The end goal defines the processing steps that the raw farm produce will go through. For example, the product that needs to be produced are cumin seeds. So, the processing methods will only continue till the packaging of the seeds, and will not include grinding of the seeds for making cumin powder. In any case, processing is important to ensure that before the farm produce reaches the consumer, it is clean and healthy for consumption. It is so because, on a farm, there are many factors like dirt, pollution, dust, pests, animal secretions and fertilizing chemicals that control the cultivation of the plant. All these factors make the farm produce unsafe for direct human consumption. Therefore, the processing method ensures that the product that reaches the market is clean and hygienic for the users.  

This is the main idea behind processing all kinds of farm produce and this is applicable to spices as well. In fact, since spices have such diverse usages, their processing methods are diverse too. Depending on the end product, spices can be processed into many forms too, like- dried, fresh, frozen, whole, ground, crushed and pureed. Each of the spice product’s processing has different benefits, qualities and usages. Let’s take garlic for instance, garlic in its raw clove form is required in meal preparations, seasonings as well as flavorings.  

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